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Explore Niseko and beyond with us. [Photos © Sanctuary Niseko unless stated otherwise]

Hidemi Nishida : Studio Fragile Chairs

Lake Poroto
Shiraoi, Hokkaido

Hidemi Nishida is an artist/architect based in Tokyo. Nishida engages space aesthetics/poetics and perception of environment through his work. He researches a primordial experience of surroundings to lead us to question on our interaction with the environment and how it defines us as an individual.


Perfect Harmony

Lake Toya Veggie BBQ pop-up with the good folks from Hokkaido Herbivore

Veggies: Niseko View Plaza

Pro-tip: No skewers? Soak chopsticks in water for 20 min before assembling!

photo: Hokkaido Herbivore


The architecture of Amanemu

based on a contemporary interpretation of Japanese Minka buildings, which incorporate traditional low-slung tiled roofs and dark-stained Japanese cedar exterior walls, reflective of the simple nature-influenced design of ryokans, #Japan’s traditional bathing retreats. The resort’s winding driveway, leading to the welcome pavilion, curves up a small hill lined with maple and cherry trees, setting the scene for the rest of the property, which is rich in greenery and Japanese vegetation.

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The AYA Niseko Art Festival

The AYA Niseko Art Festival returns once more on August 18th for another three day summer festival celebrating art, culture, and some truly amazing domestic talent!

Live events include musical performances by Hajime Fukuda and Rie Oohashi, an exclusive Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne seminar, Nichijo-sahanji with artist and monk Tenshin Kazama, and talk and dinner with art critic Kouichi Mori.

For more information, visit

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Sunday Social Brew

With some 340 years of history, 男山酒造り資料館 Otokoyama is one of Hokkaido's most famous sake. The brewery's spacious complex offers plenty to occupy the senses including a front seat view of the sake making process, a sake museum as well as a delightful sake tasting room and gift shop.

The sake museum is comprehensive in covering all facets of Otokoyama's rich sake brewing heritage, including ancient sake-related literature and art.

Made in Hokkaido: Conde House

Asahikawa is the hardwood heart of Hokkaido. A huge concentration of Japanese ash and oak feed the furniture makers here. It is where you'll find Conde House株式会社カンディハウス, the biggest furniture company on Japan's northern island.

The craftsman that make these pieces bring a piece of the forest into their designs with the gentle earnestness of Japanese workmanship.

Collaboration with local and international designers is always based on mutual respect whilst striving for continued innovation, refined techniques and insight.

Factory Visit: Time & Style


creates furniture with superior quality in pursuit of aesthetic consciousness, simplicity and harmony often in collaboration with architects and designers from the likes of Kengo Kuma to Patrick Chia.

In these collaborative designs, they usually hold a sharp sense of tension, displaying a crystallisation of sophisticated skills of Japanese artisans found in its dainty and detailed finish.

In its finished product, it aims to constitute various types of elements in a comprehensive manner from an organic relationship.The furniture manufactured in Asahikawa Hokkaido are made one at a time with a focus on the design while keeping a balance of efficiencies using experienced artisans and machinery.