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Throwback Tuesday | Venice Biennale exhibition 2014

Project with Peter Tay Studio.

This installation by Peter Tay Studio entitled “Reflection(s)” explores the duality and interchangeability between architecture and interiors, as well as the relationship between reflection(s), the body and space.

The installation comprises a small enclosure encased with transparent tinted acrylic walls containing a indoor garden filled with silver river pebbles and Gervasoni 1882 Log Stools within a room with the walls darkened. The furthest end of the room is finished in mirrored panels, and on the other, a simple bench.

Reflection(s) is both an exploration and an interrogation. The exploration of the multiple meanings and depths of the phenomenon of reflection(s) and the body, and at the same time, it is an interrogation of the boundaries and relationships between architecture and interior design, the interchangeability between exterior and interior spaces, as well as the perceptions of our existence in time and space.


photos : John Heng