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Visit to Gervasoni 1882 HQ and factory

From local artisan tradition to design 100% made in Italy, through to international fame: Gervasoni is an all‑Italian story that, starting in 1882, has spanned 3 generations and the turn of a new century. Headquartered in Pavia di Udine, Gervasoni 1882 is Aafamily saga made of enterprise, entrepreneurial intuition, artisan knowhow and passion for skilfully made beautiful things. Giovanni is the 3rd generation manager of the company and manages the company with his brother Michele. A major change the two brothers made was hiring Paola Navone as Art director in 1998. Paola modernized the knit crafting technique GERVASONI had and introduced a simple line with a touch of fun. The “OTTO” series introduced in 1997 at Milano Salone bolstered the company’s image. The 2004 “GHOST” series, with its simple, yet high cost performance was a hit and has been a long-time top seller. Today, Paola not only designs furniture for GERVASONI, but also designs the catalogs and exhibition hall at Milano Salone. One characteristic of GERVASONI is blending natural products like leather and wood with unnatural products like polyurethane and ceramic to create an original look. The unique feel of materials and the delicate fabric colors bring simplicity to the product, and is another unique characteristic of GERVASONI.