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Flos OK Lamp

The OK Lamp is the design vision of Konstantin Grcic for FLOS. An updated version of Castiglioni's iconic Parentesi lamp, it tells a story of design evolution.

OK pays homage to an icon of Italian industrial design. It redesigns the original light bulb as an ultra-flat LED light source with edge-lighting technology, directable over 360 degrees. "A light-emitting disk. A sun hanging from a wire." Both describe the OK, a multi functional lamp comprising a flat LED disc that moves vertically, sliding up and down on a ceiling to floor tensioned steel cable (up to 4 metres long). The flat disk rotates 360 degrees allowing the light to be fixed at whatever height is required and directed at whatever you want to illuminate, ideal for task lighting. The formerly cylindrical weight has been substituted by an easier-to-install cone shape. Only the small ceiling rose, designed by Achille Castiglioni, has remained identical: a beautifully shaped piece of spun metal that houses the electronic components and a soft-touch switch.

Available from Sanctuary Niseko