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Wakasaimo, Rusutsu

Wakasaimo is a well-known sweets shop that was originally from a little town, Toyako in southern Hokkaido that is famous for its delicious steamed bun made of specially selected wheat from Hokkaido, flavoured with rich brown sugar and soy sauce, and filled with Tokachi red beans. Wakasaimo has a number of shops around Hokkaido, but there is one in Rusutsu, just 30 minutes away from Niseko. 

The architecture of Wakasaimo Rusutsu resembles a museum more than a sweets shop. The formally extravagant yet spatially intriguing building could perhaps be described as a elaborate prelude to the sophistication and complexity behind the making of its sweets and the Wakasa buns. You could also have a simple croquette/katsu meal, a cup of coffee and a piece of matcha mousse cake there.