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Explore Niseko and beyond with us. [Photos © Sanctuary Niseko unless stated otherwise]

A Good Read

Japan, a nation of Shokunin, dedicated chefs and artisans quietly pursuing perfection, with more Michelin stars than France, and more tiny, mind-blowing restaurants in a city block than most great cities have in their entire expanse.

In researching Rice, Noodle, Fish, the critically-acclaimed book published by Roads & Kingdoms and Anthony Bourdain, author Matt Goulding spent two years traveling around Japan, covering thousands of miles, meeting world-class chefs and food producers, and eating hundreds of meals along the way.

A key character in the book is also no other than Niseko local Ioanna Morelli, co-owner of the legendary Gyu+ Bar (aka the fridge door).

The resulting book, a deep narrative exploration of the country’s most essential culinary traditions, provides the perfect blueprint for a 10-day journey into the heart of Japanese food culture from May 10-20th 2016.

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