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Spatial and Social Consciousness at Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm

Designed by Hokkaido-based Kawahito Architects, Karinpani Hall is the latest addition to Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm, a non-profit “social firm” that supports the employment of disabled and otherwise disadvantaged individuals. Surrounded by the Hidaka Mountains to the west, the Taisetsu range to the north, and Tokachi Plain to the south, Karinpani Hall was designed not simply as a functional facility, but rather to encourage community interaction and integration with nature.

The purpose of this structure is to provide a place where both farm residents and others with an interest in community welfare, agro-tourism, and the revitalization of the dairy industry can gather for a wide range of meetings, workshops, and classes. The wide "edge" serves to weave the changing season into the space, and is a place for many different activities.

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photos: Hiroshi Kawahito