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REPOSITORY by Jun Igarashi Architects

Asahikawa, summer is more than 30 degrees, and winter becomes -30 degrees. Here is the region that is very big difference in the temperature.

So this house has only small openings and insulation performance up. And a buffer zone make a moderate the relationship with the outside world. The exterior walls use pine from Hokkaido. And also structure timbers use from a local material. I took the wooden structure because of good thermal conductivity.

Plan surrounds the two halls (living dining/master bedroom) and washing room by small rooms , which form a buffer zone. Washing room has top light and it introduce the light to the entire of house. And also curtain make diffuse light. By creating a buffer zone, it makes improving in thermal environment, and also can connect on human psychology and the surrounding environment. Natural environment is a great presence. But sometimes it sudden change to a stern expression. This is the architecture that is thinking the relationship between the natural environment and the indoor environment continues to change daily.

from: Jun Igarashi Architects
photo: Daici Ano