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Frequently Asked Questions: Jivamukti Workshops with cat alip-douglas [Sangyé Yoga - Jivamukti Affiliate London] from 27 Feb to 2 Mar 2016

Q: Is this workshop for me?

A: The most commonly asked question we have received is - can I go to these workshops, isn’t it just for long term practitioners or teachers? The short answer is yes, you can go! It is open to all - from the adventurous beginner who may just about be familiar with some poses but is keen to learn more, to the dedicated student who folds themselves into a pretzel for relaxation.

What I find great about cat is she has the ability to take a room full of students, all of which are at varying levels, get them to engage with her, and individually challenge them to their own personal limits. For some that limit is that almost attainable goal of fingers touching ankles, for others it’s reaching full bridge (backbend) from standing upright. The point is, it can be for anyone, as long as you’re ready, open to learning and willing to give it a go.

Q: Who is cat alip-douglas?

A: You've probably read a little bit describing cat, where she's come from, her previous career and how she's found herself where she is now (if you haven't then at least do that now - here). If you have read the 'about cat' page then you'll also get an idea of her style and personality. She doesn't take herself too seriously, is easy with the jokes, but is all about what she teaches. When you're in her class you'll find yourself laughing mid-pose at the same time trying to push your own personal limit. She has that ability. The style in which she teaches, the humour she brings in doesn't overshadow the gravity and intergrity of her belief and message she is relaying and you'll want to want more. Both from her and from yourself.

Cat will be assisted by her husband Phil Douglas. Even though he may prefer to stay behind the scenes students naturally gravitate towards him for advice as his breadth of knowledge, and dedication to the practice shine though his quiet and steady presence.

Q: What is an open session and a workshop anyway?
A: An open session is led practice where cat will lead you through a series of asana (postures) with little or no breaks in the flow of the class. Cat will use verbal queues, and may use hands on adjustments to help you in postures.

A workshop focuses on an aspect of the practice so the asana and theory will be be focused towards that particular theme. For example the Forward Bends & Hip Openers workshop will have breaks in the session for cat to explain and demonstrate what is going on with a specific pose, what it is doing and what it then leads towards in relation to helping you forward bend or opening your hips.


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