yoga news

Ki Niseko will be hosting a Summer Yoga Retreat with Aram Raffy – with morning Ashtanga Vinyasa and afternoon Meditation classes from Thurs, 18 Aug – Wed, 24 Aug 2016!

Yoga Lesson Packages
Weekday Class: 2,500 yen per class
Weekend Class: 3,500 yen per class

Locals' special
10% off single classes
Block of any 3 weekend classes: 9,000 yen
Block of any 5 weekday classes: 11,000 yen

Healthy Pack Deals: Combine Yoga with the Ki Niseko Onsen and good food at An Dining, please contact for more details.

Special retreat packages available at @Ki Niseko

For more information and bookings, go to:…/visit-ki-niseko-for-a-summer-yoga…