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Chat with Asuka Kunimatsu Kunimatsu Asuka - Niseko Summer Art Festival 2018:

Metal sculptor Asuka Kunimatsu was born in Otaru City, Hokkaido in 1947 and graduated with a master degree of sculpture from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1974. He won the top prize for his sculpture at the CCAC World Print Competition (San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art) in 1973 while still a student at the univers One of Hokkaido's top sculptors, Asuka Kunimatsu has exhibited in individual and group exhibitions both in Japan and internationally

Q. Tell us about how the reductive forms Of Your Sculptures Came About. 
When I Was A Student, I Studied Sculptures By Famous Western Sculptors, Such As Michelangelo And Rodin. I Realised That Their Sculptors Are Defined By 'Katamari (mass)', or 'mass / form ' in Japanese. So I started exploring different ways of representing 'mass' and 'form' in space
Q. What is the main inspiration for your sculptures?
I was inspired by Japanese shrine gates, or 'torii'. It is made up of just 4 poles, but it is so strong and powerful in it's symbolism. I am also inspired by nature and the environment of Hokkaido, such as . The Trees, Wind, Light, And Shadows

? Q. How Have Your Works Evolved Through The Years
I Work Mainly With Stainless Steel And Iron, And Am Continuously Exploring New Ways Capture Movement In [Static] Sculptures - One That Is Always' Changing 'Depending On The Time Of The Day, The Season, And The Space It Is In, To Create An Ever Changing Dialogue With The Viewer. 
Asuka Kunimatsu'S Works Are On Exhibition And For Sale At Kiyoe Gallery, AYA Niseko 2F From Until 13 August Now. 

(Interview And Artist Profile Photo By Jacinta Sonja)