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Chat with Chinami Komazawa

Artist Chinami Komazawa Kenazawa Chihiro was born in 1980 in Bibai, Hokkaido. She graduated from the University of Hokkaido in Education and Art, majoring in Japanese painting. Through a variety of contemporary subjects and narratives in her Her art expresses the ambiguities between dreams and reality, the strange and the familiar, the normal and the extraordinary, the conscious and the unconscious - where one Is 'Sumperimposed' Over The Other, Blurring The Distinctions Between The Two. 

Q. How Did Your Interest In Japanese Art Come About? 
I Studied Different Types Of Art When I Was In University - Western And Japanese Art, Sculpture, Craft And Design But I was most interested in the materials and techniques used in traditional Japanese art, and thus I went on to major in Japanese painting
Q. What kind of materials do you use?
I use gold paper, natural stone powders, as well as colours. I grind the indigo stones by hand, to produce the powdered mixture which I use as paint. Different indigo stones produce different colours, which is very interesting . 

Q. Tell Us About Your Theme Of 'Boundaries' -? How Did It Come About
.. I Love Stories And Narratives Since I Was A Child I Often Imagined Scenes From The Stories I'Ve Read Being Depicted In Real Life These Inquisitions between the real and the unreal later became my subject of interest in my art
Q. Give us an example?
To me, Christmas is magical - it brings the feeling of excitement, or 'waku waku (wakuaku), to an otherwise ordinary winter's day. These is a superimposition of the imagination and narrature onto a specific landscape. These narratives allow us to feel' Suspended 'In Space And Time. I Try To Capture This Emotion In My Art. 
Chinami Komazawa'S Works Are On Exhibition And For Sale At Hirafu188 5F From Now Until 13 August. 

(Interview And Artist Profile Photo By Jacinta Sonja)