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Chat with Hiroshi Nakamura Yu Nakamura - Niseko Summer Art Festival 2018: 3-13 August at hirafu 188 5F & B1F, and KIYOE GALLERY NISEKO

Acclaimed ceramicist and potter Hiroshi Nakamura Yu Nakamura was born in Bihoro, in Abashiri district, in the north-eastern part of Hokkaido in 1954. Following his studies in architecture, Hiroshi Nakamura went on to pursue his real interest in the arts, completing a course in pottery in Kyoto. He returned to Hokkaido and practiced under the tutelage of his He has exhibited in widely in numerous exhibitions, both a ceramic, ceramic, ceramic, glass, ceramic, ceramic, and plastic. . Locally And Internationally

? Q. How Does The Landscape Affect Your Works
. I Was Born In Bihoro, A Seaside Town Facing The Okhotsk Sea, Close To Russia I Have Always Been Inspired By The Beauty Of Nature, Especially Hokkaido'S Scenery - The Juxtaposition of snow scapes, Birch tree forests, and drift ice blocks at sea in winter. I remember spending many hours playing in the open fields as a child, and the imagery of the snow fields has always been very close to my heart
Q. How do you express Hokkaido's landscape in your
year ? I have always imagined the powder snow as a protective sheath for the potato and corn fields in Bihoro. Snow gives the feeling of Warmth and comfort to me, and I express this in the lines and colors I am trying to communicate that I can in and my honestly

Q. What is your process like?
I use both the electric wheel as well as a flat slab formwork I have achieved a 80-90% rate of success. 
Hiroshi Nakamura's works are on exhibition and for sale at hirafu 188 5F, and Kiyoe Gallery, AYA Niseko 2F from now until 13 August
(Interview and artist profile photo by Jacinta Sonja)