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RETURN TO CENTRE: SUMMER YOGA WORKSHOPS with Tsutomu Yonashiro (Introduction to Ashtanga) and Lisa Pollard (Yoga and Mindfulness): 9 & 10 July 2016 / ニセコ 夏 ヨガワークショップ 2016.07.09 ‐2016.07.10

Join Tsutomu Yonashiro and Lisa Pollard for the RETURN TO CENTRE: SUMMER YOGA WORKSHOPS on 9 & 10 July 2016.

Start your day with the Introduction to Ashtanga workshop with well-loved Ashtanga teacher Tsutomu Yonashiro (the main teaching assistant to Nancy Gilgoff in Japan), where you'll learn the fundamentals of the Ashtanga practice, as well as build a solid foundation of the dynamic practice by linking postures (asanas) and the breath. This invigorating and inspiring workshop is open to practitioners of all levels - from someone who is stepping onto the mat for the first time (or in a long time), to an experienced yogi who is looking to deepen their practice.

Ease into the afternoon with a gentle and enriching Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop with yoga and meditation teacher Lisa Pollard, where you'll learn about the importance of mindfulness, and how you are able to embrace it both in your yoga practice and your everyday life. Lisa will guide you through a mindful yoga practice, restorative yoga, and guided mindfulness meditation. Each session will be an inward journey and an unfolding experiential exploration of embodying your practice.


ニセコ 夏 ヨガワークショップ 2016.07.09 ‐2016.07.10






Dates: Saturday, 9 July and Sunday, 10 July 2016

Venue: hirafu188, 5F

Level: Open to all levels


10:30 - 12:30 - Introduction to Ashtanga by Tsutomu Yonashiro

12:30 - 14:00 - Lunch break

14:00 - 16:30 - Yoga and Mindfulness workshop by Lisa Pollard


Saturday, 9 July: 
1 workshop (Either morning or afternoon workshop): ¥3,500
Both Saturday workshops: ¥6,000
Sunday, 10 July
1 workshop (Either morning or afternoon workshop): ¥3,500
Both Sunday workshops (¥6,000) (Either morning or afternoon workshop): ¥3,500

* Limited mats are available, please drop us a note to reserve one

*Accommodation packages available, please email us to enquire

2016.07.09 ‐2016.07.10


場所: Hirafu 188 5F, Niseko, Hokkaido

参加者レベル: 初心者から上級者まで、どなたでも参加可能です


10:30 - 12:30: ヨナシロ ツトム先生(アシュタンガ入門)

12:30 - 14:00: 昼休み

14:00 - 16:30: リサ ポラード 先生 (ヨガ、マインドフルネス)


7月9日 (土)

午前もしくは午後の1ワークショップのみ参加: ¥3,500

午前・午後どちらのワークショップも参加: ¥6,000

7月10日 (日)

午前もしくは午後の1ワークショップのみ参加: ¥3,500

午前・午後どちらのワークショップも参加: ¥6,000




(Beginner's workshop, open to all levels)

This special workshop will give beginners an overview of Ashtanga Yoga, going through it's basic principles and method, an explanation of the bandha's and ujayi breathing technique, in depth breakdown of the Sun Salutation, and fundamentals in the practice of the Primary Series.


Born in Naha, Okinawa, Tsutomu Yonashiro discovered yoga as a way to heal the mind and body from his busy everyday life in the US, where he was living for 15 years. Tsutomu studied traditional Ashtanga yoga at Yoga East Ashtanga Shala in New Hampshire, and thereafter, practiced with a number of teachers, including Nancy Gilgoff. Tsutomu continues to advance his practice with Nancy Gilgoff, and assists Nancy Gilgoff with her workshops in Europe and Japan

ヨナシロ ツトム先生

那覇市出身。15年間アメリカで暮らす。 ニューヨークでの忙しい生活の中、心身を癒すヨガに出会う。 ニューハンプシャー州のYoga East Ashtanga Shalaにて 伝統的なAshtanga yogaを学び、以後、 Nancy Gilgoffを始め米国内にて 多くの指導者から直接手ほどきを受ける。 現在もNancy師の元でプラクティスを続け、日本とヨーロッパでアシスタントを務める。



(open to all levels)

Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop with Lisa Pollard takes you on a journey that sees the convergence of mindfulness and yoga. The workshop aims to support yoga practitioners to establish a mindfulness based meditation practice and intertwine the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness, such as non-striving, patience, beginners mind, compassion, allowing and kind curiosity. The workshop will include yoga, restorative yoga, and guided mindfulness meditation. Each session will be an unfolding experiential exploration of embodying your practice.

Each participant is encouraged to bring:

Two blankets

Two cushions 

Long scarf, shawl or wrap

Any preferred meditation equipment - bolster or stool



Lisa Pollard is a trained Yoga & meditation Teacher with more than 26 yearsof self-practice and teaching experience. She has been facilitating 8-week mindfulness-based interventions since 2007, including MBSR, MB-Stillness Meditation and MB-Restorative Yoga. Lisa has been teaching Yoga in the Hunter Region since 2004.

This event is supported by Ki Niseko and hirafu188

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